Innova Solutions

We are specialized on the manufacturing and the global distribution of this product.

High quality decorative coatings

We know that every Company has different demands and strategies. We are tailor made branding specialists. Our job goes from making a tailor made product, its packaging, labeling, technical data sheet and MSDS, to the creation of the marketing of products, brochures, leaflets, real samples catalogs and personalized websites.

Branding types

We perform two types of branding for your brand:

White Label

The White Label refers to a line of generic products that are manufactured to order from a distributor, which sells them to final consumers, with an identifying label (the name of the product).

Example: Base Microcement

The containers are white (hence the name "white label") and only the name of the product is identified with a label.

Distributors Brand

The Distributor Brand is the evolution of the white label and is used to market our manufactured products, but with the brand of another company. The containers (and / or stickers) are personalized with the product sold and the name and / or brand of the distributor.

Example: Carrefour Base Microcement.

Own Staff

We have our own departments to provide the tailor made products. We do not depend external companies and our org board is totally complete, and includes from sales, product manufacturing, design department and our own complete marketing.

We do not depend on third parties. Your product is 100% tailor made by professionals that exclusively work on the high decoration coating.

We know that the different department of a Company org board must connect completely and flow one with each other and work correctly.

Innova smoothly flow!

Our knowledge, resources and potential are at your disposal to manufacture all of our tailor products for you.
Our policy of quality compromise us to deliver on your hands products with high quality standards.
Our compromise is clients 100% satisfied and 0% complaints.

We have available the following formats: small, medium and big format, to meet the necessities of our clients. These containers formats are available either for white label as for personalized brand (distributor label).
Our cements are package on three different formats: 5 kg, 20 kg (in plastic containers) and 1000 kg in big bags.
Our liquid products are package on container of ½, 1, 5 and 25 lt. We also dispose drums with 200 liter and IBC containers with 1000 lt.

The containers can be either neutral (white, for white label or distributor brand) and digitally personalized or with IML (for distributor brand).
We design personalized label with high quality and they are plasticized.
We put at your disposal different labeling methods for your containers:

For white label:

  • Generic label on a neutral container (white).
  • Generic label on bottles and carafes.

For Distributor brand: :


  • Personalized label on neutral containers (white).
  • Digitally personalized bucket.
  • Personalized IML bucket.

Bottles and carafes

  • Personalized labels on bottles and carafes.

Technical data sheets and MSDS
We offer the opportunity of personalize all your technical data sheets and MSDS (safety data sheets) in Spanish and English. For other languages, we provide the sheets on an editable format, so it can be personalize.

Our department of marketing offers a personalize service to create flyers, brochure, leaflets, etc. in high quality print and with printing prices.
We know that you have to show your products. We create physical catalogues on different sizes and with real samples of the products. 

Personalized Websites
Today, is necessary to have a presence on internet, through the years we have develop more than 20 personalized website projects, on different languages to clients on this area, we have the means and the knowledge to do this in an easy and economical fashion

We have contracts with transportation companies, by road, sea and air, for more than 30 countries. The shipping of our products is not a problem and each of our shipments we have an insurance to solve any problem.