Innova Chemical

We are specialized on the manufacturing and the global distribution of this product.

High quality decorative coatings

Several years of research and development result in the appearance Microcement on the market. A decorative coating of maximum beauty and technologically perfect.

Technologically perfect
After several years of research, development and innovation, we have developed a line of products with an upper application durability technology, up to now new and unparalleled to others microcements.

Inspiring beauty
Be part of this new coating that has created a new global tendency on the indoor and outdoor decoration.

Natural innovation
Innovative and Natural. We manufacture decorative coating solutions of low thickness. The manual art of the microcement application makes it a product globally recognized by architects and interior designers by its beauty.

Research and development · The evolution

The microcement had a natural evolution and improvement over the years. At this time, we provide you with a product, which is easy to use, that will not crack or discoloration over the years. The investment done on the research and development of new material for several years, allowed us to create the best microcement on the market. Its compressive strength and its impermeability are today superior to any other microcement on the market.

We can show about our microcements that:

Setting standards · The evolution

  • We were pioneers in launching Stone microcement (a coating that imitates natural stone without joints).
  • Pioneers on oxidation systems, without acids, metal or steel particles.
  • Pioneers on metallic sealers 100% waterproof.
  • Pioneers on luminescent microcement.
  • We were pioneers on the launching to the market of Microcements ready to be use 100% waterproof. The hardness of this products and the ease of the application have never seen before.
  • Pioneers on Microconcrete ready to be use 100% waterproof.
  • We are setting standards.