Base microcement 100% waterproof ready to use


Base microcement, ready to be use, 100% waterproof, for regularization of surfaces. The purpose is to prepare the surface for the subsequent application of more smooth microcements.  It can be use over any type of surface: tiles, wood, plaster, cement, self-leveling mortar, plasterboard, marble, etc. on walls and floor indoors and outdoors.  Ideal for showers areas, toilets, outdoor terraces, and areas that are expose to water. 

Possess high adherence and excellent workability. Our Base microcement ready to be use is the most flexible on the market, avoiding marks of possible cracks of the surface.   Can be use with the fresh over fresh system, is extremely hard and does not produce any dust while sanding. 

Mixture: product ready to be use
Application: Steel trowel or spatula
Coverage: 1 kg / 1 m2 (approx. for completely smooth surfaces. On rough surfaces, it varies depending on the roughness.) We recommend 2 layers.
Cleaning for the tools: water
Containers: 5 kg and 20 kg

  Minimum orders: 5 kg:  72 units. | 20 kg:  66 units.

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We know that each company has different plans and strategies. For this reason we offer our branding service (customization) in all our products.

White Label

The White Label refers to a line of generic products that are manufactured to order from a distributor, which sells them to final consumers, with an identifying label (the name of the product).

Example: Base Microcement

The containers are white (hence the name "white label") and only the name of the product is identified with a label.

Distributors Brand

The Distributor Brand is the evolution of the white label and is used to market our manufactured products, but with the brand of another company. The containers (and / or stickers) are personalized with the product sold and the name and / or brand of the distributor.

Example: Carrefour Base Microcement.


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