Quality and environmental policy

Innova Chemical

Innova Chemical company with commitment to the quality of our products and respect for the environment.

Quality and environmental policy

We are a company dedicated to manufacture, marketing and innovation of coatings and decorative systems, for indoor and outdoor.

We distribute our products at national and international level, wholesale, for big companies and other brands and detailed through our online shop.

As a company committed with the quality of our products and the environmental care, we have decided continue our activity implementing an integrated management system of quality and environmental care, based on the regulations UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 improving the performance and efficiency.

To this effect, the management of Innova Chemical SL. AL SL has focus the Management Systems following aspects.

  • Promote an efficient use of the natural resources available.
  • Establish and regularly review objectives and goals in terms of quality and environment, in accordance with the commitments assumed in this statement. For the effective application of these principles, support to them from both the management team and the staff is absolutely necessary.
  • To train and sensitize the organization personnel about the performance on the environmental and quality matters, as well as providing the necessary resources for the efficiency on the Management systems implemented.
  • The systems and their improvements are the responsibility of all the members of the organization, starting from the top of the org board.
  • The quality direct us to take the maximum attention on technology evolution and to the possible improvements that our technology could put at our disposal.
  • We implement, keep and improve continually the Quality and Environmental Integral Management Systems, through the requirements of the regulations UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001, as well as complying with the legislation and rules related with the product, service, quality, the environment and those requirements that are applicable.
  • We acquire de commitment of continuous improvement, quality and contamination prevention from the process as well as service performance, the efficiency of the implemented management systems, on which the mistakes prevention is a fundamental aspect.
  • We establish actions to take care of the liabilities to eliminate them, reduce them and control them.
  • We work with the objective of offering the maximum quality and satisfaction of our clients, providing consultations offering the optimum solutions for their problems.
  • We continually improve the planning, organization, review and control of our productive and service systems, in accordance with the evaluation that the market request from us, promoting the energetic efficiency and the recycling, from the products design stage and the process, reducing, as much as possible, waste and emissions generated because our activities.
  • We encourage the internal communications systems regarding the efficient of the policy, regulations and results on the matter of liabilities prevention, supporting the participation, consultation of our own, and subcontractor’s staff members.
  • We collaborate with our providers and subcontractors in the improvement of their quality and environmental actions.
  • We keep an open relationship of collaboration with our clients, (and interested parties) through the commitment of the whole organization on following its responsibilities and requirements, as well as legal requirements and the products requirements, improving the exterior information.

The implemented management systems on Innova Chemical SL. require of the participation and collaboration of all, consequently this policy is widespread to all the interested parties. 

The management will review periodically this policy with the objective of developing the concept of continue improvement and keeping it actualized.  

En Campello, a 24 de octubre de 2019.

Fdo. Juan Aranda Marín